World Class Music Production!

Do you have a song and need it to sound amazing?
Then look no further because I’m the guy who can do just that!
Perhaps you’re a singer or band looking to create a killer demo. Or maybe you’re an established artist looking for a top producer to help you re-design a little and heighten your chances of getting another hit.

My name is Charles Foskett
I help and encourage people just like you to make your music the very best it can be. I’ve been doing this for decades and I also specialise in working with foreign singers too whose first language is not English, getting their pronunciation to seamlessly translate and helping stretch their vocal delivery to be first rate, along with capturing the true magic of the performance for a successful international career.
I’ve helped everyone from Bonnie Tyler and Cliff Richard to Holly Johnson, Ringo Star, Kim Wilde and The Blockheads.

I can’t promise a Gold or Platinum selling record; but I can guarantee that the final result of our work together will be breathtaking. I’ll naturally tune in to your style and genre; add instruments and where needed bring in premier league session guys if required - I’ll polish vocal takes and use the facilities of my fully equipped recording studio and my expertise bring out the strength in your music and make it appeal to the audience you are targeting.

Music Producer just outside of London
Turn your track into a releasable master.

Allow me to help
Regardless of the genre of music you play, I’ll take an objective, creative and professional approach to making it sound ‘world-class’.

You’ll not only benefit from my cutting-edge producing & programming skills; you’ll also get my highly instinctive musical direction and compositional skills if required.

With my full production package you’ll also gain access to some of the brightest vocal, musical and technical talent in the UK today. You’ll work alongside one of the best ‘hand-picked’ production teams money can buy - GUARANTEED!

Ok let us make things happen
I’m fully committed to making sure that you sound the very best you can be but that is not where it ends - I can also help dream-up, design and direct your promotional video which should accompany your radio leader tracks and help give you that important cutting edge at promotional campaign stage.

I want that ‘next hit’ as much as you do, so I’ll put as much heart, energy and effort in to your music project as I have with all of the music heroes I’ve worked with in the past.

My enthusiasm and passion for music is as bright today as it was when I started out.

Every single element of your song will be finely tuned, polished and cut into a releasable track, ready for any broadcast facility to play.

So take the next step with what you have to offer the world and give me a call today. 

Call +44 (0) 7917 156867