How I work as a Record Producer

When I hear a sound, see an image or talk music to an artist things start to happen…
It’s an inspirational thing - It’s definitely not about recording studios, microphones, mixing boards and computers and all the other gizmos we use to make our individual noises - Those things are just tools!
It’s first and foremost about the people involved, the Artists, understanding what their aspirations are, what their vision really is and then guiding them successfully to their creative goal - It’s about helping them to create magical performances and sitting those performances right in the middle, centre stage of massively exciting and colourful musical arrangements that are produced to literally jump out of the listeners speakers.

 When I watch other great professionals at the top of their game do their jobs, no matter what their line of work is, whether they are a painter, a chef, an upholsterer and so on, they all have one thing in common.

They all have a certain magic that sets them apart. They’ve cultivated their own methods and techniques but, above all, they have a natural affinity with what it is that they do. They are true perfectionists.
For me it all starts with a natural affinity; an inborn gut-feeling that when I hear the sound of a musical instrument, or hear vocals, I instinctively know what can be done to improve them. I have an instinct that immediately takes over and I just want to keep making it sound better until it can’t be improved further.

Making brilliant music is a journey.
When I work with artists, musicians, songwriters or other music professionals, l see each one as being an essential element in what will eventually be the final product. In both pre and post production I know when to tweak something and when to leave it alone. There’s nothing worse than over-producing a song for the sake of it.

Making music creates a variety of paths to tread and it’s a big part of my job to determine which path will be the right one for any given style or genre of music.

My recording studio has some of the very best traditional and modern equipment so, whatever sound it is we’re working on, I won’t stop until that voice inside me tells me it’s absolutely perfect.

Making brilliant music for a journey into movie theme tunes - television adverts and sponsorship deals with other leading brands.
I also religiously keep focussed on two very important elements of what I am producing for a client/artist - One is which songs on our recording short list will make great national radio leader tracks because an artist’s work without radio support is dead in the water - No matter how well your gigs go you must achieve that all important radio play to breathe life into and make public awareness of your product being available and on sale.

Making brilliant promotional videos to accompany your music.
The other important element is the visual promotional side of your production, which for me as a creative record producer and musical director is equally important to consider - This is the promotional music video which, as well as being a massive marketing tool to introduce listeners to your new single release can also indicate the styling behind the song and create endless possibilities with movie directors, producers and media people alike; All of these professionals are endlessly on the lookout for new creative and marketable ideas, new talent and product to accompany and work alongside their own brands.

I have always had a true gift for being able to look at a blank canvass and see multiple variations on the finished picture!  My work has been accepted into London’s Royal Academy of Art - So directing your cutting edge Video Promo is also something I have experience in and can do too. See Video page.

Give me a call on +44 (0) 7917 156867 or send me an email and let’s take that creative musical journey together.