Music Producer and Recording Studio, Hire Rates

Music Producer and Recording Studio, Hire Rates.
If you are a new artist wanting to break into the music industry and you're very close to getting into the recording studio and finally getting that track laid down. That's great news!

You may be considering using a commercial studio (there is probably at least one on every block) where every budding musical Tom, Dick and Harry hang out cutting their demos but this may not be the best option in the great musical scheme of things.

Commercial studios often treat new clients just like another quick product on the production line conveyor belt. An exercise where you and your music just fall off the end into an "out-box" like any other cheap and massed produced products knocked out in their squillions - "Get em in and knock em out!" It's usually a quick buck they are after and the client ends up with a track that isn.t always master broadcast quality - This is putting it mildly and politely!

I remember sitting in the office of an A&R guy in a major record label discussing a production for one of their artists - whilst doing so I looked out his window onto the street and saw a large skip they had hired just to dispose of all the cd's and cassette tapes containing the demos of thousands of hopeful wannabe's. "We don't bother listening to them unless they have been produced by a reputable record producer and come to us with their recommendation" - I rest my case!!!

The best way forward is to hire a great music producer!
The music business is exactly that - A Business! It’s a business first and foremost about money and not your god given gift of being able to shout down a microphone, shake your booty on stage or bash a guitar, it’s about money!!!
Holding onto this little stream of enlightenment think about it - It is just like any other business, selling a second hand car, selling a horse etc - It is about investing your hard earned dosh into your talent - putting your money where your own mouth is and I’m not talking about spending on a new guitar either. If you don’t invest in hiring a great producer, someone with vision, not a dictator but a great guide as well as someone with all the tech knowledge (that goes without saying) you will probably end up falling on your arse and not selling one unit (unless your mother buys one off you).
That’s what it’s all about these days ‘Selling Units’ just like everything else on the shelf - if you sell enough units under your own steam you may get a major label wanting to sign you for your next album - but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

There are many top music producers these days prepared to get involved in private start up projects - if produced correctly many start-up projects can grow into successful releases and make profits.

Be prepared with a realistic budget to cover your production costs - any producer worth his/her salt will not just work on a percentage basis - We don’t starve for our own art never mind someone else’s so getting real should serve you well.
If you are not prepared to invest money in your own business you will never attract investors to invest their cash in you either.
Just imagine wandering up those stairs to the ‘BBC’s Dragon’s Den’ - You are trying to sell a product you have invested little thought, little planning and little money into and wanting the dragons to invest a considerable amount of their cash into you - you may just get thrown out of the window never mind shown the lift back down to the outside door! Ha ha!

Get a great music producer on-board and get a great job done!!
As a record producer, musical director, mixer, programmer, guitar and bass player, based just outside London in the heart of the Bedfordshire countryside, I can certainly help you with that!

As I am not running a commercial recording studio open to everyone who wanders through the door, I don’t have a simple pricing structure for my work based on an hourly, or day rate. 

I primarily operate as a record producer for hire but one that owns his own recording studio the cost of which can be factored into your production deal. 

I also work in other recording studios all over the world to suit foreign clients who also like to record and have their work produced in their own territory.

Vocal Production for foreign Artists!

I also specialize in producing the vocals of foreign artists whose first language is not English - most foreign artists think because they can speak English they can automatically sing in English - this is not the case. Many foreign artists want to succeed in having an international career but fail to sell units because their accent does not translate well on their records, especially in the UK and USA. 
I have helped many foreign artists to have great vocal impact and seamless pronunciation in their delivery and hence enabling them to sell records abroad in English speaking territories.

Full production package.
I can provide a tailored quotation for every production taken on.
Production can usually start shortly after hearing and approving your demo. Once that’s done, you’ll have access to some of the finest vocal coaches, producers, premier league musicians, DJs and engineers in the UK.
Tracks professionally produced and ready to broadcast.

You get...

My time and the studio for producing your track

Experienced session musicians (if required)

Additional artistic/production and musical direction support (where needed)

Cool, comfortable and up to date state of the art digital and analogue recording.

Qualified sound engineer and programmer.

And to top it all off - we are working closely with Hit Making writers who have collectively sold over 100 million albums to date.

Whether you want 1 x CHART SOUNDING releasable master track or want to discuss possibilities for recording and producing an EP or full album.

Whether your genre is Folk / Singer-Songwriter / Classical Crossover / Heavy Rock / Pop / Jazz / Blues /Alternative / Electro / Dub Step / Drum and Bass /Country / Americana / my team can cater for and specialize in all musical genre requests.

My own producer’s fee is negotiable for a single track up to a full 12 track album.
Of course the overall cost depends upon the style and nature of the music which can be anything from full orchestral (including orchestral arranger and conductor) down to one vocalist and single instrument performance.

Give me a call on +44 (0) 7917 156867 or send me an email and let’s take that creative musical journey together.